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Our history

We are designer-manufacturers of the brands 

Lefebvre , Miroux , Ducroux  and Malbranque

The combined experience and knowledge of 4 brands create a synergy that gives us our efficiency, reliability, flexibility and capacity for innovation.  We are proud to provide the best valve solutions to our customers , whether standard or made-to-measure products, since 1903.

Our valves are 100% made in France: we design, manufacture and test our valves ourselves to guarantee you the best quality.


We are committed to a process of constant innovation, as evidenced by our R&D budget which reaches nearly 10% of our turnover per year.


Whatever your field, we have not a solution but THE solution to your taps needs.


4 Brands | 4 Experiences

more than 100 years of expertise

The history of our brands



In 1909:   The Vannes Lefebvre company was founded by André Lefebvre. Initially a foundry specializing in bronze and lead (metals frequently used at the time), a machine shop enabled the activity to develop in the 1950s.


1989:  Vannes Lefebvre is acquired by Reg and launches the group's adventure




In 1958 , the Ducroux company was founded in Ronchin. 

Designer and manufacturer of tailor-made industrial valves with high added value, adapted to all types of requirements and uses, the company supplies valves for the nuclear, chemical or petrochemical industry.


Thanks to the top-of-the-range quality but also the flexibility of the services offered, the Ducroux brand is recognized in its fields of application.




In 1885 , the Miroux company was founded in Ferrière-la-Grande. Originally, the Miroux company consisted of a foundry. The Miroux company originally produced brewery equipment before specializing in industrial valves.

2002: The Miroux company in turn joins Vannes Lefebvre within the REG group. The Merger gives the name “Vannes Lefebvre Miroux”.




In 1946 : Marcel Malbranque created Malbranque SA by creating his workshop in the north of France. He founded the Malbranque brand.

In 1960 : Malbranque SA enters the valve sector. It is the first valve manufacturer to have its own quality assurance manual. Expanded product line results in design and manufacture of well testing equipment for Schlumberger

In 1990 : The brand enters the market for a special design for low-emission valves. The Malbranque company joins the Dutch group Econosto

Between 2000 and 2017 : The company left Econosto to join the Valco group, then the Malbranque Wellhead Equipment division was acquired by Axon Energy Products. Finally, the Wellhead Equipment activity at the Noyelles sous Lens site was acquired by Woti​

In 2019 : the Malbranque Wellhead activity is taken over by Reg Technology and allows the brand to join the REG group's adventure


Our direction

At Reg Technology, we don't just sell products.


This is why we make the necessary efforts to ensure that the production process is optimal. We were able to deploy the tools needed to adapt the work.

In concrete terms, our teams use Teams on a daily basis, for example, to streamline exchanges and project management . provision of our parts.

For compatible positions, our employees are as efficient in the office as they are in teleworking or on the move.

With extensive experience in the business, we make it a point of honor that your needs are fully satisfied.

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