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Globe valves type 310BY


Standard characteristics (Ducroux Type 310BY):


  • NOMINAL DIAMETER: DN 10 to 350

  • CONSTRUCTION: Mechanically welded Wetted parts: 316L stainless steel (other 304L)

  • BODY: Cylindrical in "Y"  »

  • BODY SEALS: PTFE, double interlocking

  • SHUTTER: Flat or parabolic

  • CABLE GLAND: Bolted and self-compensating, PTFE lined

  • CONNECTION: PN16 screwed flanges (screwed or solid according to DN)

  • STEM: Rising non-rotating, externally threaded

  • MANEUVER NUTS: Anti-seize treated stainless steel

  • BACK-SEAT: Fully open

  • TECHNICAL SHEET: Standard globe valve


Do you want to customize your molded valve (coating, material, instruments, etc.)? It's possible !

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