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REG TECHNOLOGY is certified silver by ECOVADIS


REG TECHNOLOGY has developed a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach which has been certified by ECOVADIS, a global standard for CSR assessments

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A certified approach

REG TECHNOLOGY has chosen ECOVADIS, a global standard for CSR assessments, to certify its CSR approach and its actions.
In 2023, REG TECHNOLOGY wins a silver medal with a score of 59/100


Indicators on key CSR themes

Indicateurs thématiques RT.png

Ecovadis distributes its indicators on the 4 major key themes of CSR: the environment, social and human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing

Répartition des scores themes.png


Strong positioning in its business segment

Compared to other companies in the sector evaluated by Ecovadis, REG TECHNOLOGY is located in the upper part of the ranking, being at 75thth percentile

The percentile rank makes it possible to compareOURscore to those of other companies. REG TECHNOLOGY is at the 75th percentile, which means that its score is equal to or greater than 75% of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis.


The percentile rank is calculated at the time the score is published.


A process of continuous improvement

REG TECHNOLOGY is committed to a process of continuous improvement of its CSR approach.
As with our ISO 9001 certification, we want to give ourselves the means to progress every day. For this, we have chosen to rely on the ISO 26000 standard.

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