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As a French manufacturer, we combine proximity and responsiveness thanks to our workshops located in the Lille region, and a large stock of spare parts. We carry out complete maintenance of your devices, from the initial diagnosis to the final tests, and support you technically towards the implementation of innovative preventive maintenance solutions. The flexibility of our maintenance service allows us to carry out our services in our workshops or directly on your site. Our technicians adapt to your planning constraints for a quick and efficient intervention.


Maintenance training

Reg Technology offers training in specific maintenance, within its workshops or during its on-site interventions.


Maintenance support tools

REG TECHNOLOGY offers the implementation of common referencing tools for Maintenance Services. Several technological levels are available, from simple customization to the complete and digital logbook of our devices.

Business Team



Collaborative projects and tailor-made products

REG TECHNOLOGY offers complete studies of your problems, from the development of the specifications to the on-site installation of the product. We support you via tailor-made project management adapted to your level of requirement and through a dedicated project manager. Our design office takes care of your most complex technical studies: from calculations to prototyping, including specific tests (structure, flows, vibrations, temperature and others).

Gestion de projets.png

Project management

Some projects require the establishment of an organization specific to some of our customers. In this context, we are able to adapt to these organizations and produce the deliverables necessary for the smooth running of the project: the schedule; we respond with a periodic update and various follow-up meetings. We also develop quality documentation (on the follow-up of our suppliers, on internal procedures) by adapting it to your needs. Finally, you will be able to access our manufacturing follow-up files.

Solutions sur mesure.png

Design of tailor-made solutions

Reg Technology can offer you a real high added value tailor-made design service. With our experience and our efforts in research and development, we will be able to offer you not just one solution, but the solution that meets your requirements.

Les gens avec une machine


Recherche et développement.png

Research and development

REG TECHNOLOGY  is aware of the importance of innovation in the industry hence our motto "Innovation for a creative world". We have therefore made the choice to invest as much as possible in R&D. We give ourselves the means, and do not hesitate to create prototypes, test benches and models. This activity is one of the pillars of Reg Technology, because it allows us to continuously develop our technical heritage and to offer new innovative solutions to our customers.

Outils au service de l'innovation.png

Tools at the service of innovation

To carry out your projects, we use tools such as CAD/CAM, finite element simulation of structures, fluids, as well as a laboratory network to simulate most of the constraints encountered (temperatures, pressures, cycles, vibrations, shocks thermal/vibration, pressure drops, cavitations, environmental tests, among others…).


Funding by the CIR

Since 2011, our innovation approach has been recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, granting us approval for the Research Tax Credit, thus recognizing our ability to carry out R&D work.

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