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Plunger Sampling Valves

From customizable standard to 100% tailor-made

Le standard
Prise d'échantillon à piston

Product description:


Our piston samplers are custom made due to the wide variety of applications.
They are the subject of personalized studies according to the needs of the process and the operators.

Common options are listed below.


Our samples are available in special productions


  • Stainless steel:  304L, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 904L, U65, others
    Duplex: U45, others

  • Nickel alloys:  Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, Nickel 200 and 201, Monel and others

  • Titaniums

  • Others :  Zirconium, Tantalum


  • Materials :  Modified PTFE, filled PTFE, graphite, stainless steel, others

  • Types:  Flat, corrugated, spiral, annular, welded lips, welded inserts or others

  • Interlocking:  Single, double or without


  • Materials :  Modified PTFE, filled PTFE, graphite, others

Sealing scope

  • Axial: Hardened metal/metal contact according to your needs (see materials)

  • Radial: Contact metal/PTFE or graphite (see trim)


  • Temperature sensor

  • Limit switch (inductive or dry contact)

  • solenoid valve

  • Positioner

Types of connection

  • welding :  Butt welding, Socket welding

  • flanged:  Screwed, solid or rotating, 

  • tapped:  Gas, NPT, others


  • Pneumatic: Piston, single or double effect

  • Electric: With or without fail safe

  • Option: additional manual emergency control, padlockable control, remote control, reducer

Additional options

  • Double envelope, 

  • Sample filtration

  • test sockets,

  • injections, 

  • Others


  • ATEX - ACS - ADR - RID - PMUC - ISO 10497 - API 607 - EN15848 – APSAD – others

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