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Manually operated diaphragm valves

Vannes à membranes commande manuelle

Product description:


Our LEFEBVRE diaphragm valves are historically recognized in the fields of chemistry and water treatment. They are particularly appreciated for their longevity and their great adaptability to the fluid used.
The T100 S2 model is supplied as standard with a padlockable manual override.


  • DN 20 to 350

  • Flanges PN 10, 16 or ASA

  • Sealing by elastomer membrane

  • Cast iron or steel body

  • Bare or coated body (Ebonite, HALAR, others)

  • Semi-direct passage

  • Membrane qualities: BLD, Chlorobutyl, Nitrile, Neoprene, EDPM, Hypalon, Viton, others 

Personnaliser votre vanne T100

Do you want to customize your molded valve (coating, material, instruments, etc.)? It's possible !

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