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Asymmetric diaphragm flap valve

Clapet à battant asymetrique à membrane

Description of the LEFEBVRE F114A check valve:


Our Lefebvre diaphragm valves have historically been used in the chemical and petrochemical fields. The elastomeric membrane combined with the various possible coatings allows the transport of corrosive fluids. The two-part construction allows for reduced bulk and simplified maintenance.


  • DN 20 to 250

  • Flanges PN 10 or 16

  • Gauge NF 29429/ASA 150

  • Sealing with elastomer flap (shade depending on fluid transported)

  • Steel or cast iron body

  • Possible coatings: Ebonite, Halar, others

Personnaliser votr clapet LEFEBVRE

Do you want to customize your molded valve (coating, material, instruments, etc.)? It's possible !

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