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Quality approach

Our products are tested. We control our products at each stage of their manufacture and we subject them to regular tests and on request. We are also in compliance with the regulations and we adapt to many manufacturer codes.

"Reg-technology is ISO9001 2008 certified

and guarantees compliance with PED 2014/68/EU (PED)"

PED 2014/68/EU.jpeg

Compliance with regulations and your needs

Material traceability system implemented

Certified personnel for the realization and control of welded assemblies

Systematic control
the resistance of the envelopes under pressure

Calculation of the sizing of pressurized enclosures

Dimensional control at each manufacturing stage

Systematic verification of the level of tightness
of the device

Functional check of control systems and instrumentation

Requirement control (endurance, seismic, pressure drop)

Consideration of regulations and/or construction codes




It is at the heart of our development, with the contribution of new technologies and continuously reconfigured processes . In order to advance our products towards ever greater efficiency, we invest a considerable part of our activity in research and development .


We are concerned to satisfy our customers by our listening , our availability and our efforts to find the best solutions for your projects.


Our flexibility and availability allow us to maintain constructive relationships with our clients over time. We are also very careful to reiterate and promote the improvements encountered on each project .


The quality of our services is based on our understanding of your needs and your field of activity , our responsiveness and availability , our taste for collaborative work and our taste for initiative and novelty .

We are able to adapt to many manufacturer codes such as:

  • CODAP:  French code for pressure vessels

  • CODETI:  French construction code for piping

  • ASME:  American manufacturer code

  • RCC M:  Manufacturer's code in French for nuclear pressure equipment

  • AD MERKBLATT:  German building code

  • EN 13445:  French code for pressure vessels

Additional certifications according to your needs:

  • ACS:  Certificate of health compliance, for equipment intended for food

  • ATEX:  Regulations for explosive atmospheres. Marking: II 2C G/D c (T°)

  • ADR:  Regulations for the international transport of dangerous goods by road

  • ISO 10497 and API 607:  Fire safety, fire resistance

  • FDA:  for the food sector

  • RID:  for the transport of dangerous goods by rail

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